10 Ways to Connect With And Grow Your Gaming Community

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Community management is key for any gaming brand that wants to connect, support and grow their community (aka target audience). If you’re wondering where to start it can be tricky without the right approach and expertise to implement this successfully.

The aim is to bring people together and nurture their passion for gaming by not only talking about things they’re interested in, but mirroring how they talk too. Don’t waste time by rushing into things; it’s important to do your research first. Understand exactly who your target market is. Look at key characteristics of your existing clients such as age, gender, occupation, disposable income, location, and hobbies. 10 ways to grow your gaming community by getting to know your customers it will be easier for you to understand what they like and how you will be able to effectively engage with them.

Now let’s explore some of the ways in which you can connect with the gaming community:

Social media – whether you want to increase brand visibility, launch a new product, or be part of a crucial conversation, there are a number of social media platforms that will enable you to reach your target audience and build your gaming community. Heaven Media has decades of experience in earned, 10 ways to grow your gaming community owned, and paid social media across a variety of channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Streaming platforms – gamers, whether novice, climbing the ranks, or professional, record themselves playing games and stream it live to online audiences. There are a number of platforms to consider including Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming, Mixer, and Caffeine (up and coming). Streaming sites offer excellent forms of communication and interactions which help to build gaming communities. Cait, part of the Heaven Media team, has been a Twitch streamer for over five years and is a regular content creator with over 35k Twitch followers. It helps to have someone on the inside who knows exactly how to reach your target audience so speak to us today.10 ways to grow your gaming community

Influencers – create authentic interactions and provide a targeted and engaged reach to your gaming community. The influencer endorses the product in a frictionless and genuine way to a tech-savvy and ad-unfriendly audience. Working with influencers and talent from all over the world is no easy task. Just finding their YouTube channel is not enough, and Heaven Media can help you find the perfect fit for any kind of campaign. Be it a product launch, tech review, comedy, vlogging, or even hosting a tournament. Once the perfect influencer is found, Heaven Media manages the talent and makes sure all guideline is followed. We will create the best campaign with the ideal influencers, tailored just for your product and your goals.

Video content – telling your story through the medium of video has never been more powerful than it is today. Heaven Media has the talent in-house to story-board a concept that best explains your product, service, or key message. Footage is then shot and edited to best engage your target audience group, determining the soundtrack, shooting style, and tone of voice carried throughout. Even a 30 second video clip can capture the attention of your community and through the power of media, this has the potential to reach millions of people.

Advertising– there is no shortage of places to advertise when promoting to a PC gaming and esports audience but picking the right audience for your product, creating a story, and measuring it correctly is where Heaven Media provide the true value. We can work alongside your incumbent agency or drive specific campaigns for you stand alone. It is choosing the right Twitch channel or the right community site with the right message, making sure it is geographically relevant and that the marcom creative is where it should be with the media partner also doing everything else editorially to support the campaign.

Events – meet gamers face-to-face. Get to know what they like and don’t like and develop your brand accordingly to offer them something they truly need and want. When it comes to growing relationships, a one-on-one conversation is the most meaningful, memorable, and impactful method you have in your tool box.

So you now know some of the ways to reach your gaming audience; what’s next? Let’s take a closer look at some of the awesome ways in which you can grow your gaming community:

Content sharing – make it interesting! It’s pointless churning out content for the sake of having ‘something’ to share or bombarding the community with a constant stream of marketing, they‘ve got to want to read or watch it. Monitor how the community responds to your content – what did they like most and what fell flat?

Interact –Communicate with your community on a range of topics and don’t just publish something and be mute to responses. It’s vital that you take the time to interact with as much of the gaming community who engage with your brand as possible in order to build long standing, meaningful, and loyal relationships. Positioning yourselves as responsive and receptive to enquiries is the strongest way to increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately positive brand footprint overall.

Frequency – you need to not only carefully consider what you do but also how frequently you do it. Too little and the gaming community will forget about your brand. Maybe not entirely, but you want to be at the forefront of their mind when they are next looking to make a gaming purchase or give them a reason to buy from you.

Get personal – you need to make each person feel special and a valued customer/contributor to your brand. Find ways to reward brand loyalty such as free gifts, promotions, and competitions. Encourage interaction by asking for their points of view, memorable moments, ideas, favourite product(s), and channel positivity in to creating brand ambassadors. Engage fans by re-posting or showcasing their contributions and embrace it for inclusion in future content.

Growing a community organically takes time, effort, expertise and constant moderation and adaptation. With gaming communities existing globally this also presents both opportunities and challenges. For example, what might appeal to a majority community in one region may not to another. At Heaven Media we have the experience and expertise to implement tried and tested methods to engage your brand – essentially the secret sauce! Speak to us about how we can elevate your brand to success in 2020 and beyond.