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  • Alienware wanted to outfit their experience page with sleek professional imagery and video to highlight the style and ergonomics of the system, shot in a negative space to meet Alienware vision.


  • To be shot in a studio environment.
  • To highlight specific aspects of the system.
  • Photos and video selected to be uploaded separately to website.
  • Images to be edited to look almost 3d and smooth to be completed 5 days prior to product launch.

What We Delivered:

  • A portfolio of professional, sleek and 3d style photos and videos shot in a studio.
  • Variation of shots demonstrating specific aspects of the new Alienware M15 laptop.
  • A library of photos and video clips organised by name for easy access and identification.
  • Extra left-over clips which can be used for social promotion elsewhere.
  • Assets delivered on time with time for feedback.
  • Distribution of assets for social teams and other areas for Dell / Alienware to maximise exposure.
  • Worked alongside internal web team to make sure assets were implemented effectively in line with best practice.