Alphacast Brand Ambassadorship

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  • Promote awareness of the Alienware brand by creating Brand ambassadors that are loyal, provide good content and have a strong community. Additionally, we need to establish a Brand ambassador in both Germany and France.


  • Ensure the content drives conversation around Alienware.
  • Establish a brand ambassador that is well known and will drive engagement within the local community.

What we Delivered:

  • Ongoing sponsorship for 3+ years with influencer Alphacast. Through guidance, briefings and working with every Alienware system available, we have established Alphacast as a Brand ambassador that knows the products through and through.
  • Partnership includes Twitch integration (banners, chatbot, overlay), YouTube videos when new products are launched or when emphasis on a product has to be made, social support of sales as well as new products in influencer’s own way, as well as event integration where possible.
  • While the content is checked and managed to ensure it follows both YouTube and Alienware’s T&C’s and brand guidelines, it has been a key focus to ensure the influencer Alphacast is allowed to keep his own identity and his own unique style of content creation. This is valued by his audience and has ensured the partnership is perceived as a positive by Alphacast’s community.
  • Next to Alphacast, Heaven Media also worked with 15 other influencers in both France and Germany that had a combined total of 42 videos in 2018. The total views for all these videos combined was 3,240,291 and resulted in continuation of the Influencer Brand Ambassador program and continuation of Alphacast.
  • Over 12 dedicated videos with 1mil+ reach have been created in the past two years.