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Project Summary

ASUS ROG is a prominent brand in the PC gaming space, and approached Heaven Media with developing an activation to promote and enhance the visibility of their latest product, the ROG Xephrus DUO 15 GX550 gaming laptop. Crafting a multi-channel activation under the name ‘Art of the Duo’, Heaven Media combined its expertise in social media, influencer management, videography, and more to create a vibrant, compelling campaign that drew in a wide audience from gaming and beyond to participate.

Heaven Media worked to develop a custom website to house the activation, created a campaign-spanning social media strategy for ASUS, and used its expertise and connections in influencer management to bring together high-profile figures including international artists T-Pain and Herman Li to be involved.

Art of the Duo – Fantasy – Herman Li x Kingdom of Something | 2020

Two teams, each comprised of one artist and an animator were tasked with creating theme-specific short video. The two teams worked over the course of several months, supported by Heaven Media social content and more, inviting audiences to vote on their preferred creations, with the aim of promoting the power of the ROG Zephyrus DUO 15 gaming laptop, and offering voters the chance to win prizes including the ROG Zephyrus DUO 15 gaming laptop, among other prizes.

As the campaign progressed, Heaven Media’s videography department was tasked with creating four high-quality videos in the form of behind-the-scenes mini-documentaries. The main challenge that was faced during the production of these was that the teams were located on opposite sides of the world and in the midst of a global pandemic. Heaven Media presented creative solutions to these challenges and were able to deliver as promised.

Art of the Duo – Fantasy – T-Pain x Rafael Varona | 2020


The goal of this project was to showcase the power of the ASUS ROG products through a long-term campaign using a combination of high-profile influencers, videography, and social media, all centred around a product-related activation.


In summary, we delivered the following:

  • A custom-built website for the ‘Art of the Duo’ Campaign, inviting an audience of millions to watch and vote on music videos created by T-Pain and Herman Li alongside graphical artists and animators, Kingdom of Something and Rafael Varona.
  • A  social campaign spanning months to support and widen the reach of the campaign, including custom visual assets.
  • Four 6-minute documentaries, detailing behind-the-scenes and the over-arching narrative of the campaign.
  • Sourcing and management of four high-profile influencers for the campaign, followed by work with influencers Matt Heafy and Loserfruit for follow-up activations.

As a result, we saw more than 122% above KPI for active views of the music videos created for the campaign, and 75% above KPI for overall impressions.

Art of the Duo – Behind the Scenes – Herman Li x Kingdom of Something | 2020


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