Tackling the French Market – Oculus

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  • Assist Oculus with a new campaign targeting the French region.


  • Create a campaign around the Oculus massive price drop.
  • Create a separate campaign around new game launches via the VR platform.
  • Whilst creating and implementing new campaigns, narrow focus to the French market only.

What We Delivered:

  • After finding the right influencer for the job, we reached to each individual matching Oculus‘ budget, and after setting up contracts briefed them completely on how to use the Oculus rift as well as the games Oculus provided them with.
  • They both created videos showcasing multiple games that you can play on Oculus and their experience with VR versus normal gaming. The huge price drop on the Oculus was of course the main focus and mentioned throughout the video.
  • Their audience perceived the video very well and the end result of their multiple videos were over 180,000 views and 2,500 clicks to the Oculus pages.