OBJECTIVES:Heavenmedia Case study: Dell / Alienware – Product Launch Party



  • Event to launch Dell Alienware’s new gaming products including: Starhawk, Carnage and peripherals.
  • Opportunity to get hands on with new tech with demo’s and fun/memorable activations.


  • Venue capable of accommodating up to 400 guests (Dell team and selected prominent members of the press/industry). Drinks and canapé reception.
  • Significant brand / product exposure within the venue.Heavenmedia Case study: Dell / Alienware – Product Launch Party
  • Showcase and demo products.
  • Host to present live on-stage.
  • Live streaming of the launch event.
  • Merchandise (giveaways) for invited guests to take home a souvenir of the event.




WHAT WE DELIVERED:Heavenmedia Case study: Dell / Alienware – Product Launch Party

  • Sourced Bauwerks Koln as the venue with capacity up to 400 guests perfectly located close by to Gamescom.
  • Organised carriages post-event for attendees wishing to attend the Gamescom launch party.
  • Applied extensive branding and product information throughout the venue.
  • Set up and showcased new products including Starhawk, Carnage and Peripherals. Located on stage for the key presentation alongside G series and Legendary ID series.
  • Organised stage rehearsals in preparation of live presentations.
  • Sourced eSports reporter Frankie Ward as stage host.
  • Prepared on stage video opener and MC to event.Heavenmedia Case study: Dell / Alienware – Product Launch Party
  • Arranged commemorative merchandise with a clothing Graffiti artist creating unique and relevant art pieces on site for attendees to take away.
  • Designed a mural wall featuring Legend ID where attendees could take photos.
  • Alienware Arena reveal on stage with live video call with Umar from Dell (based in Austin).
  • In-house Videographer captured a series of videos covering the Launch event, including edited after movie sequence.
  • HTC VR Experience provided ultimate VR experience in a dedicated zone using Vive Pro.Heavenmedia Case study: Dell / Alienware – Product Launch Party
  • PC’s, laptops and peripherals set up around the venue for interactive product/game demonstrations.