Fortnite at Gamescom 2017


  • To create an exhibit for EPIC Games’ highly anticipated new IP, Fortnite at Gamescom 2017.
  • The title was due to enter early access just before the event – which was perfect timing for reaching a large German audience.


  • Design, build and manage a 100sqm booth to demonstrate. Fortnite, with fun rides and features.
  • Stage to host cosplay meet and greets.
  • Create a method to track engagement on the booth and retention following the event.
  • Arrange for 2x attractions to be created and managed, factoring in all health and safety remits and precautions.Fortnite at Gamescom 2017
  • Ensure the booth quality reflects that from the game, taking elements of the game and bringing it to life on the booth.


The brief contained many activation concepts that would require a lot of health and safety aspects to be considered and precautions taken against. With this in mind, we delivered the following for EPIC at Gamescom:

  • 100sqm booth, located in a great location in hall 10.1.
  • Ridable, mechanical Llama featuring soft fall area for visitors to #ridethellama throughout the show and win merchandise for their efforts.
  • Included a safety team to operate this throughout the event.
  • Large, bright LED screens displaying content from the game and advertisements for cosplay meet/greets.
  • 2nd spring Llama built for visitors to take pictures with.Fortnite at Gamescom 2017
  • 10x playable gaming stations created towards the outside of the booth for visitors to raise awareness for the game and encourage visitors to come play.
  • Variety of merchandise designed and produced for giveaways (tokens to ride the Llama, golden coins, T-shirts).
  • Coordinated cosplay activations and prop building ahead of the event.