eSports Awards After Movie





Intel eSports Awards After Movie





  • Produce a highlights movie of the 2018 eSports awards.
  • Video to be no longer that 3 minutes.
  • Use a voiceover to guide the story.
  • They want something engaging and exciting.


Intel eSports Awards After Movie

  • To produce a series of action shots of the Intel Hades Canyon NUC system in use and to have this content completed 7 days prior to the event.
  • Intel want cinematic coverage of the event.
  • An interview with Intel staff to use a narrative for the videos.
  • To attend the event to film and photograph all aspects of the Esports awards.



Intel eSports Awards After Movie



Heavenmedia at ESL One COLOGNE 2018


  • We produced a flowing cinematic film focusing on the success of Intel and Hades Canyon NUC
  • Supported by an image gallery that showcased the event and Intel’s participation.
  • The video was delivered with feedback completed within 3 days of the event to ensure timely release.
  • We continued with after content production support by providing them with smaller aspects of video.
  • The video was shared and enjoyed all over social media.