Spiderman poster image

Heaven Media working for Dell gaming to create a campaign around the Spiderman x Dell UK movie promotion.



  • Working on a quarterly basis, we help DELL with their yearly strategy.
  • This includes everything from new product launches to special promotions and regular content updates via platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.


  • Create a campaign around the Spiderman x Dell UK movie promotion.
  • Implement a competition and include influencers in this to engage with a wider audience.
  • Influencers to be used as a marketing tool.


  • A competition was hosted where entrants had to submit a selfie with Spiderman (through an app that provided stickers). The funniest, most awesome or cutest entry would win a system alongside Spiderman tickets. We partnered with a number of influencers for this UK focussed campaign, such as Unit Lost and James Buckley.
  • We looked at both the movie and the DELL audience and made a selection of influencers with an audience, tone of voice and quality befitting the DELL brand as well as being able to generate a lot of hype around the Spiderman competition through their own audience.



  • The influencers we ended up working with were: James Buckley, a UK celebrity who used to be on “The Inbetweeners” TV show, and Unit Lost. Both created content around the Spiderman competition and talked about the DELL Inspiron laptop that is also visible inside the movie. They explained how the competition works, showed their own entry and explained why the Laptop is good for gaming and thus why Spiderman would use it himself. This support of the influencers extended to their own, and the DELL social channels.
  • The results were 6,000 entries, 94,067 video views and over 40,000 clicks to Alienware pages from the influencer videos alone.