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The role of public relations within the gaming industry is to set the tone of voice for all communications between your company and the gamer. The aim is to deliver the right message in the most impactful way and at the right time and to the right audience.

Now let’s take a closer look at how you should approach developing your PR Battleplan.

The Message:

Always include descriptive text which summarises in 2-3 paragraphs your key company information. This allows the reader to establish who you are and what you do, remember, no matter how big a deal you are, not everyone will instantly know who you are. For example, who you are, how long you have been established, what games/hardware or service do you produce, where people can buy and why gamers need your product.

When thinking specifically about your PR message, remember not all information is worth shouting about. Concentrate on elements that are going to sell your product in the shortest time possible.How to create an effective gaming PR plan With so much information bombarding us daily, attention spans are short and if you don’t grip the reader quickly, you run the risk of being sidestepped in seconds.

Focus on what your unique selling points (USP) are. What does your product do differently to the competition? What makes it interesting/stand out? If a company over communicates information with little or no interest the message becomes muddled and the recipient shall simply start to ignore you over time, risking important announcements going unnoticed.

In developing your message think about your target audience, what is your key demographic and who are your products aimed at? Are you hoping to appeal to families, How to create an effective gaming PR plancasual gamers, kids, hardcore gamers, or a certain niche? The language and wording you use in your communications may be perfectly logical to you and the media receiving your news, but will the greater public understand the terminology being used? Think about the type of conversation you would have with the public ‘in-person’ and adapt your messaging to flow as it would in that scenario. Also consider the territory in which your message is published, for example it may require translation and localisation. At Heaven Media we have an extensive team of PR professionals, copy writers, translators and localisation experts (based within many countries) who have a wealth of experience in formulating and delivering the right message to meet your objectives.

It is important to define your specific objectives i.e. what are you trying to communicate? How to create an effective gaming PR planWhat are the unique or interesting features? Great product design/aesthetics? New tech/product advancements? What are you trying to achieve? High-rated reviews, win awards, short-term high sales, longer-term consistent sales, build hardcore loyal fanbase? Review your message before it is released to ensure it meets your specific objectives.

 The Channel:

You should consider the timeframes associated with the delivery of your message. For example, physical publications typically go to print 3-4 weeks ahead of when it might go on sale. Websites and social media in comparison tend to be fairly instantaneous. Prioritise your schedule of activities depending on the lead times of each channel.

An editor or journalist is more likely to release your message if it is sent by someone they know well, the information is interesting, well written and includes supplementary copy such as visual assets (video clips) and artwork. Make it easy for the recipient to share all the information they need by providing it upfront, for example linking to assets and ensuring an easy path to requesting more information if needed. The team at Heaven Media has decades of experience of dealing with editors, journalists, influencers, hardware and software companies, event organisers, industry experts and consumers to ensure you effectively reach and maximise output from the right channels.

The Delivery:

You have finalised your messaging, articulated it clearly, concisely to the point and made sure it is newsworthy by calling out the key features and you have identified the channels by which to circulate it what’s next? The ways in which you deliver your message of course! Start by looking at the types of activities which will be most effective in promoting your message/product while all the time paying close attention to your budget and resources.

How much time do you have before its release? How much marketing budget do you have? What assets do you have available? How much time do you have to commit? How strong are your written/verbal communication skill or are you able to tap into an alternative specialist resource?

There are many ways in which you can deliver your message including:

  • Press releases (including media kit and USB/file share of assets), media alerts and conferences
  • Media exclusive preview/product launch days – letting journalists get hands-on with your product
  • Interviews and/or speaking engagements
  • Organising roadshows, workshops, seminars
  • Employee relations – your biggest brand ambassadors
  • Social media campaigns
  • Advertorials
  • Newsletters
  • Video walkthroughs – to show key aspects of your product
  • Promotional teasers with URL/signpost to more information
  • Competitions and giveaways
  • Podcasts and blogging
  • Ratings, reviews and awards
  • Sponsorships and / or partnerships – such as tournaments, influencers and franchisees

 What type of audience should you focus your PR campaign on? Specialist gaming channels for hardcore gamers? Mainstream casual gamers? Retailers? Influencers? Specialist interest media relevant to your product? Specific journalists who will like your product – make them a priority! Avoid a scattergun approach, do your research and know who your target audience are before you start your activity.

The games market is a global market. Which territories are you going to PR your product to? UK only, Europe, the US, a combination of as many territories across the world as possible? The more territories the more potential sales, however, the more PR work and associated costs apply. Weigh up the potential ‘hot spots’ where you would like to invest your time and money i.e. where has the greatest potential for sales.

Timing is key – how far in advance should I start PR’ing my product? One week? One month? Three months or more? Some channels will require more lead time than others and the sooner you start the more PR exposure you can gain. Once the timeframes have been established, put together your activity schedule. Break it down by days, weeks, months as this will enable you to plan your asset creation, manpower and activities effectively throughout the entire campaign as well as act as a task list to keep you on track for delivery.

Monitoring and measuring your success is a fundamental part of any effective PR campaign. It’s no easy task though and the ways in which success can be measured vary and can be subjective. Here are some of the basic output metrics:

  • Counts of press clippings
  • Unique visitors
  • Views / Impressions
  • Engagement / Attendance
  • Likes / Followers / Shares / Re-tweets
  • Reach / Impact / Hits
  • Awareness
  • Fans
  • Mentions / Comments
  • Opportunities to see (OTS) / Open rates
  • Clickthroughs / Downloads
  • Ratings and Review scores
  • Reputation
  • Relationships
  • Return on Investment (ROI) – impact on sales and profitability

What value do you put on your corporate image? Here at Heaven Media your corporate image is our number one priority. Let us help you to create and implement an effective PR plan which we can communicate to our extensive network of gaming professionals and consumers. If you’d like to know more then please contact us for a no-obligation discussion about how we can fulfil your aims in 2020 and beyond.