Esports Awards Project Management

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  • Project managed sponsorship between a major CPU manufacturer and eSports Awards.
  • Help a major CPU manufacturer receive maximum reach and exposure before, during and after the event.
  • Set up gaming stations at the event and influencer hotel rooms, and provide onsite technical support.


  • Coordinate all parties to ensure sponsorship arrangement opportunities performed and maximised.
  • Collaborate with event organisers to plan and implement marketing activations.
  • Design and supply branded literature and merchandise. Focus on a major CPU manufacturer NUC product.
  • Provide, prepare and ship computer/event equipment to the venue and set up in multiple locations.
  • Provide on-site technical support at the event.
  • Shoot Video and Photography for use in after-event content.

What We Delivered:

  • Project management for all aspects relating to the event sponsorship agreement.
  • Content creation for all media assets including graphic design, copywriting and production.
  • Production, print and supply of all brand assets including table cloths, placards, monitor toppers, premium gifts for influencers and flyers. Focus on a major CPU manufacturer NUC.
  • Game installations and preparation of systems before shipping to multiple venues. Build / breakdown of gaming-stations at hotel rooms for influencers and on-site at the event. Technical support throughout the event period.
  • Full event photography from professional, eSports focused photographer.
  • Video asset for use as after-movie including on-site highlights incorporating client’s activations and branding.