Heaven Media Gets Into the Spirit of Lockdown

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Maximising the feel-good factor: Heaven Media employees hold a Marie Curie-inspired Bake Off, amongst other employee engagement activities.

Living through not just one but two lockdowns has taught individuals and businesses alike a lot about WFH (working from home). Not just through the copious amounts of how-to guides about separating work and relaxation time, but also by coming together as a team. The staff at Heaven Media are no exception and have been embracing the social side of their work community with a series of social events.

As a gaming marketing agency, it was only natural that they held some gaming nights, even joining the recent hype around Among Us. A great team-building exercise in which you’re tasked with accusing each other of sabotage and murder. Huh.

The staff also held their own video quizzes, as a rite of passage during these unprecedented times. With quiz rounds as varied as the working days at Heaven Media, where no two days are the same between all the different hats they wear. These brought out the brainiacs of the bunch and those who are experts at laughing in the face of uncertainty. Not only did participants learn more about the first console with a CD drive, but also about each other personalities, music tastes and competitiveness.

Having tried and tested the epitome of lockdown socialising, Heaven Media decided it was time to try something different. Never one for resting on a single idea, the team turned their hand to a Bake Off of sorts. But how do you judge a baking contest that no one can taste? The answer was found in the UK’s leading end of life charity, Marie Curie. Heaven Media decided their Bake Off could do more than just raise their sugar levels; it could help others too.

The plan was formulated. Heaven Media purchased a job lot of gingerbread house kits through Marie Curie and distributed them amongst the team, so all participants started with the same recipe and ingredients. It was then up to them to decorate the miniature houses impeccably to be crowned Heaven Media’s Bake Off winner. You can see the results for yourself and try to guess who won the crown.

If you’d like to be part of the team, head to Heaven Media’s careers page here.