Inspiron Gaming Brand Launch

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  • Support the launch of the Inspiron Gaming brand
  • Build a gaming audience across for each social brand page.


  • Provide advice on strategies to employ, tone of voice, asset creation.
  • Provide content for Facebook pages in French, English and German.
  • Provide a process to integrate with their existing publication teams and agencies.
  • Implement a strategy for event and sale promotions.
  • Create product sale and gamer lifestyle content to engage followers and cement the legitimacy of the brand.

What we delivered:

  • Gaming-focused content for the Dell UK and DE channels to position Dell / Inspiron Gaming as a reputable gaming brand through sharing regionally specific local language gaming content with followers.
  • Dedicated campaigns created for launches and sales, making sure that all deals were promoted through specialised posts and supported with paid amplification.
  • Anticipation built with countdown posts over the course of event activations, where followers were encouraged to click through to product pages and take advantage of sales.
  • Regionally specific influencer reviews and media reviews / awards were also amplified on both the UK and DE channels, as well as regionally specific sales.