Alienware at Insomnia

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  • Announce the attendance of DELL/Alienware at Insomnia.
  • Release on-the -day video coverage of the event.
  • Cover the event booth and influencers.
  • Focus on the aesthetics and brand presences.


  • 1x announcement video editing from pre-existing video footage confirming attendance of Alienware.
  • 2x short social video to post on the Friday and Saturday – one to highlight the attendance of King Jae and one to highlight the professionalism of the stand.
  • Filming to focus on capturing the mature audience and quality of the products.
  • On -stand interviews with influencers highlighting the strong links with Alienware.

What we Delivered:

  • We delivered all the content to Alienware’s Social channel.
  • The overview Insomnia62 video being delivered on target 7 days after the event, while the event was still fresh on people’s minds.
  • The 2 short same day edit of the booth and KingJae were released on the Saturday and Sunday to create more interest and encourage people along to the event.
  • The reception to our videos was brilliant. Sparking lots of interest for the next Insomnia event.
  • Due to cinematic and professional style of our videos Alienware / Dell pushed this forward onto Dells website and other social channels outside of solely the gaming audience.