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Team Liquid – AWTF EU Opening

We spearheaded the EU PR for Team Liquid in association with Alienware for the opening of the esport organisation’s brand new European training facility in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Shroud Competition

Delivering a 12-hour stream with Shroud, involving product awareness campaigns, chat integrations, and a giveaway, we achieved more than 1 million views and 72,000 giveaway entries for the client.

Gamescom – Dell Alienware

We developed, designed, and executed Alienware’s booth during Gamescom ___ in order to generate brand exposure and educate visitors on Alienware’s latest products, showcasing the best of the brand at the largest gaming exhibition in the world.

League of Legends -Alienware

We delivered an exciting booth experience in the centre of Paris, with engagement and influencers activations, as well as a humourous dog-voting social campaign, achieving a reach of more than 750,000 views.

Alphacast Brand Ambassadorship

We worked with Alphacast and fifteen other influencers across France and Germany to increase the Alienware brand reach, creating a total of 42 videos throughout 2018, resulting in almost 3.25 million views and a wider brand reach in each region.

Intel Esports Awards After Movie

We developed a post-event highlight reel, covering the best of the Intel Esports Awards, with snippets of Intel staff interviews, winner announcements, and Intel product coverage.

Alienware M15 Product Shots

Alienware’s latest gaming laptop required stylish, web-ready photography, which we delivered and helped the team at Dell to implement successfully across Dell websites and other areas.

Esports Awards Project Management

In 2018, we helped Intel deliver an exceptional Esports Awards experience, with onsite and hotel PC gaming installations, along with professional event photography, videography, and printed brand assets.

ESL One Hamburg

We worked with Alienware and ESL One to deliver event activations, an onsite booth, visitor engagements, and more for an incredible esports experience, strengthening brand recognition and links to the esports audience

Paris Games Week

We showcased Alienware’s latest product, the New Alienware m15 laptop, with a dedicated booth installation as well as drove visitor engagement across Alienware’s various product offerings.

Unwin Paris Games Week

We amplified the Alienware booths’ presence at Paris Games Week by working with Unwin to develop brand engagement, resulting in more than 2,000 visitors to the booth.

Creative Labs G6 Immersion Video

We worked with Creative Labs to develop media that would highlight one of their products, the G6 sound card. From hiring actors to producing the finished video, we aided Creative Labs in creating a library of successful product launch assets.

Discord Gamescom

We designed, built, and managed Discord’s booth through Gamescom 2018, delivering a booth that represented the dynamic brand and resulted in one of the most successful booths in Hall 10 of the year.

ESL One Cologne – Alienware

We developed an exciting booth experience for ESL One Cologne alongside a social content campaign, focusing on engaging the German esports audience, and strengthening customer reception to Alienware as part of the esports experience.

Maximise Exposure – Cyberpower

We helped maximise Cyberpower’s reach via a marketing campaign across hardware Heaven and Esports Heaven, resulting in exceeding their monthly impressions by 20% during the execution.

Products & Promotions – Alienware

We helped Alienware to combine their brand image with the new Far Cry 5 title, showcasing the power of Tobii eye-tracking with the help and reach of carefully selected influencers.

Alienware at Insomnia

Combining a comprehensive, successful social campaign with multiple coverage videos to drive booth and brand engagement sparked plenty of interest and success at Insomnia 62 and for the events ahead.

ESL One Birmingham

Targeting the UK esports audience, we helped Alienware secure prominent booth space at competitive prices, creating a new booth design, and delivering multiple successful social and customer-oriented campaigns.

Insomnia 62

We delivered an exciting booth experience for Dell Alienware, with multiple partnerships and successful influencer activations, alongside social activations and business partnerships.

Inspiron Gaming Brand Launch

Dell introduced an exciting new gaming product family, which we helped to deliver to market using targeted campaigns, a countdown campaign spanning multiple event activations to build customer anticipation, and region-specific influencer content.

Insomnia 62 Equipment Hire

Using the unique partnerships we manage, we helped Halberd’s presence at Insomnia 62 shine with the power of Alienware’s computing technology to power their gaming experiences on show.

Attract, Engage & Grow -Katowice

We helped Creative Labs to develop their organic growth around a range of new products, creating content and coaching the team on community development and social interaction best practices.

Engaging the Community – Alienware

We worked with Alienware and influencers to promote events and competitions, as well as execute on a range of services designed to maximise brand and event exposure.

Fortnite – Gamescom

We worked with Epic Games to deliver their Gamescom 2017 experience, with interactive experiences and a stunning booth design that represented the game’s identity.

Tackling the French Market – Oculus

We worked with Oculus to target the French gaming market, connecting the brand with influencers that suited their needs, ultimately succeeding in hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of clicks through to product pages.