Playing Video Games at Work Boosts Team Work and Productivity

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Here at HM Headquarters one of the perks we all enjoy is the option to play video games during our break time. We all have a passion for gaming, and whilst it’s great fun it’s an essential part of our jobs so that we can relate to our consumer base and build effective marketing campaigns with our clients based on informed personal experiences.

Everyone appreciates the value in taking time out from a busy working day to refresh, whether it’s taking a brisk walk around the block, hitting the gym or logging into Fortnite with your colleagues!

We enjoy the social aspects playing games together online brings regardless of whether our team is based in the office or are off-site,play at work image based in the UK, EU or the US we can all come together as a team and formulate strategies and beat our opponents (well most of the time anyway!)

We often change the game we play together. Last month it was Overwatch, this month it’s Fortnite. We also welcome our clients and industry friends to join us, so if you fancy it let us know.

“I encourage my team to utilise their break times for game play because it allows them to feel recharged, work as a team and have a bit of fun” said Mark Reed, Managing Director for Heaven Media.

We consider ourselves the lucky ones as not many bosses let their staff play computer games at work. For us it’s a welcome escape which allows us to switch off for a short time then return to our tasks with a clearer mind set and renewed determination to reach our milestones.