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Heaven Media create organic and paid content for PowerA social accounts. We create original copy and assets based on the desires of the client. The account promotes products and giveaways in addition to direct engagement posts reflecting the brand’s personality.



We were tasked with the asset creation and running of Power A social channels.


Heaven Media has achieved an 18% increase in followers since taking over the account in mid-2021.


Each post uses its own link to accurately track clicks and conversions. Combined with our inhouse reporting tool leads to powerful and accurate data insights.

Custom Creations

Heaven Media produces original copy and assets with a personality that keeps content fresh and helps it stand out in an ever-crowded feed.


Organic Social


We created 17% more posts than the previous year. This generated positive growth in organic reach and impressions.

Facebook’s reach increased by 33% with average reach per post increase of 19%.

Twitter saw a 27% increase in engagements YoY, with the highest month generating over 15,000 engagements.


Heaven Media grew Twitter followers by 18.7% and Instagram by 11.9% YoY.

Authentic copy and eye catching assets produced by Heaven Media elevated the launches and giveaways of products through organic channels.


Facebook Reach33%

Twitter Engagement27%

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