Heaven Media will find the best ambassador for your brand to get you the results you deserve.

Influencers can benefit your business via authentic interaction and provide a targeted and engaged reach. The influencer endorses the product in a frictionless and genuine way to a tech-savvy and ad-unfriendly audience.

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Working with influencers and talent from all over the world is no easy task. Just finding their Youtube channel is not enough, and Heaven Media can help you find the perfect fit for any kind of campaign. Be it a product launch, tech review, comedy, vlogging, or even hosting at a tournament. Once the perfect influencer is found, Heaven Media manages the talent and makes sure all guidelines are followed. We will create the best campaign with the best influencers, tailored just for your product and your goals.

We find the best ambassador for your brand to get you the results you deserve.

Influencers can give your brand that extra boost. They are a more natural and organic way of promoting your product and engaging with audiences. Not only will you be reaching your own audience, you‘ll be expanding your audience with that of the influencer.

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His or her audience are fans of their content, and will believe the products they promote. Their fans are often quite picky and very resistant against traditional advertisements, they use methods such as ad-block to ensure no ads are seen. And even if the ads are seen, most 16+ year olds don‘t believe everything they see on the internet, they don‘t believe an ad because they all understand how marketing works. They need to see a product in action, by someone they do believe, in order to believe in the product.

This is why it‘s so important to pick the right influencer. Heaven Media helps you do that research and helps you ask the right questions. If you‘re a PC manufacturer, you don‘t want your brand ambassador‘s (influencer‘s) audience to be console fans, that wouldn‘t work at all. There‘d be a lot of negativity from their audience, which will result in negativity towards the brand.

Influencers are easy to find, but we help you find the right one that can and will be groomed into a real brand ambassador. A real brand ambassador that knows your product through and through, and will be able to engage with your brand.


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Once you have made your selections of influencers, that will match your mission statement, budget and audience, we will manage them from start to finish.

Management doesn‘t stop after selecting the right candidate – we will work together with you to set the right expectations for the influencer, and ensure that their video is of the highest quality possible, and is both educational and engaging.

At Heaven Media we don‘t just make videos – we work together with our events and social media department to ensure all content gets synchronised where possible.

Are you attending an event soon? How about inviting your brand ambassador? Not to worry we‘ll create an entire schedule for you.

Sharing the brand ambassadors content on social channels is not just good for their views, but indirectly for your own as well. This way your audience will get familiar with your brand ambassadors, become fans and thus become even bigger fans of your product.

All you have to do is sit back and watch us do our magic for you, worldwide.


Working together with Heaven Media was a pleasure. They have always respond to our individual wishes and have organized and arranged great cooperations for us. Our expectations were far exceeded and we would recommend Heaven Media in any case for everyone. Everything was organized very well.

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OP Talent has been working with Heaven Media for over 6 years. OP manage the UK’s top YouTube and Social Media influencers and it’s imperative we partner with best of breed brands and trusted agencies. Well constructed campaigns and a good understanding of the best ways to work with individual channels, are pre-requisites that Heaven Media fully understands. We look forward to many more successful years working together.

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