Heaven Media can support your company in ensuring that daily contact with team and tournament/league providers maximises the value you have signed up for and even find other ways to leverage your investment.

Sponsoring a team, League or Tournament and paying the money is the easy bit. Heaven Media can support your company in ensuring that daily contact with team and tournament/league providers Sponsorship imagemaximises the value you have signed up for and even find other ways to leverage your investment. Holding them accountable, daily, to the statement of work and ensuring the value is met and exceeded. Our Sponsorship team will also act as the advisors and daily contact to your whole team to help fully integrate the sponsorship throughout your whole organisation, from social, PR, point of sale and retail packaging. Our experience and our extensive relationships with all the top teams and League/Tournament providers will ensure your investment is being driven 24/7.

Sponsorships aren‘t just Esports and tournaments; sponsorships expand into all sorts of things such as charity events, movies, non-endemic products, video games and even award shows.

These kind of sponsorships will help you reach out to new audiences and give something awesome to your existing audience.

When a new game or movie launches, having your product tied to that game or movie will be an extremely Sponsorship imagesuccessful way of promoting your brand – and showing that brand is capable of running a certain game. More often than not, consumers will benchmark their decision purchase based on how well it will run, or how well it will work with their favourite game. If they see the product in a movie they really like, that‘s an added bonus. Because who doesn‘t want to own the phone James Bond uses in his latest movie?

In all these categories, Heaven Media knows how to help and even find such opportunities for you. We have very good relationships with major publishers all over the world, such as Square Enix, Nintendo, EA, Microsoft, Riot, Valve, Blizzard and Sony, as well as major film studios such as Marvel, Sony, Universal and Fox. We‘ve delivered major movie campaigns with the likes of Deadpool & Tornado Energy, and DELL & Spiderman.


Tournaments are, again, a great way to show your support for Esports, and when it‘s your systems/peripherals/chairs/product that is being used and being seen at a tournament, consumers will know that your product can perform. After all, if the pros are using it, it‘s bound to be good!

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So why sponsor tournaments?

  • You‘re engaging with the audience of a certain game, or team, and that audience is die-hard.
  • Being part of Esports shows that your brand is part of the future.
  • Esports is becoming more and more mainstream, and the whole world will be watching – so what we do today, will shape the future.
  • Your brand being part of this future, will show your audience and consumers that your product is top of the line, and keeps up with competitors.


Esports are becoming bigger and bigger, and a lot of both endemic and non-endemic brands are investing in teams, tournaments and events. At Heavenmedia we have a lot of experience doing this for our already existing client base, and we know that sponsoring a team or tournament can be quite the investment. We also understand that you want the most out of this, and we know how.

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Sponsoring an event or a team is more than just having your logo slapped on a banner or a jersey, it‘s a long term investment.

As for Teams, don‘t expect to see the value within the first month or so, everybody can slap a logo on a jersey these days and it won‘t mean too much. It‘s about building your brand and building the relation with the team you sponsor. We manage this relation for you, and synchronise with our/your social media and events team to have as much synarchy as possible between all activations. If you‘re doing an event, we‘ll invite the teams you sponsor, and we‘ll make an amazing tournament vs consumers on-site.

The team will become part of your brand, and you will become part of the team you sponsor. When consumers see this coalition, they will react even more positive to your brand, as they might already be fans of the team you sponsor and they see the great things your brand is doing with the team. We‘ll encourage the team, share their winnings and show our support for competitions – we‘ll Interact and engage.