Livestream Tournament

HM managed a fully broadcasted Twitch Tournament at the event - the apex of a long running, HM run campaign.

End to End

HM led project management - pulling together a variety of partners to put on one of the leading booths at the event

Full Shop

HM staffed and managed the ROG shop onsite - smashing client sales targets.

IKEA Gaming Room

HM collaborated with and built an IKEA designed gaming bedroom, that audiences could stream from onsite.


Relationship Management

Work with Heaven to make today’s influencers your ambassadors. We do all the hard work, so you can focus on a wider strategy to consolidate your core audience and reach new ones.


Influencer Outreach

With 9+ million streamers on Twitch alone, it can be hard to find the right fit. Heaven can help you find the ones who cut through.

The Heaven influencer team is made up of industry veterans who’ve spent years working closely with household names like Pewdiepie, The Sidemen, and Team Liquid.

We'll handle the whole process from contract to execution and reporting - ensuring objectives are met, and the outcome is a success.

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