The Objective.

Sony hired Heaven to launch their new InZone product range across the US market to really put them on the gaming map.

We supported the launch of their new gaming headsets and gaming monitors, created awareness via influencers with a strong gaming affinity and built an exciting and immersive competition all with the aim aim to drive brand awareness and cement the new products as a serious alternative to existing products in the market.


Starting with an integrated strategy to drive mass awareness of Sony’s new gaming products, we selected world-leading creators to develop an immersive experience of both online and offline experiences, including a tournament, care packages, a live in-person escape room and competitive event.

Throughout, we showcased key product features authentically, letting the products speak for themselves through fun display use-cases the target market would identify with.


We created a selection of InZone care packages, which were sent to a variety of influencers who supported by day of launch activities with social posts and live streams.


An online tournament utilizing Sony’s InZone headsets and monitors to their fullest.


We authentically positioned Sony’s products within an explosive gaming tournament and interactive experience.


organic impressions.7.5m+

organic views.4.6m+

CCV+ for InZone Twitch channel launch.10.5k


Influencer Activations​

During the three-week launch period, Heaven activated over 25 influencers to play the game on stream, VODs and via social media.

Paid Media

Heaven ran a paid campaign across multiple social media platforms to generate website visits and app installs on IOS & AOS.​, receiving over 13.9 million impressions.

Community Management

Over the course of the entire launch campaign, Heaven launched and managed the New State DACH Discord - onboarding and supporting hundreds of members to the community


Organic Social


We activated over 25 influencers who generated 1mil+ views from streams, VODs and social media.

The Paid campaign received over 13.9 million impressions, 340k engagements and 205k link clicks.

Average CPC across whole campaign was $0.75 with an average low of $0.11 on Twitter and $0.33 on TikTok.

Pre-roll ads ran 500k times on gaming related videos.


Through a high quality selection process, we chose the right influencers for the game. Many of those activated continued to play the game on stream long after the contracted activation period.

We provided a clear and concise content plan which enabled influencers of all sizes to easily implement their activations.

The Discord gained hundreds of members. This was a strong base that was passed on to the client’s own management team after the campaign ended.

Our team of Community Managers actively addressed issues presented by members, alleviated concerns and managed bug reports.

Influencer Views1m+

Campaign Impressions15m+

Pre Roll Ads500k


The Objective.

Ideate, conceptualise, design and bring to live an incredible ASUS tournament event stand at the first big gaming event of 2021 - EGX London.


Working with a variety of designers and vendors, as well as creating and hosting a multi-stage tournament with a full livestream built in, we created one of the landmark booths and the whole event.


We managed a fully broadcasted tournament at the event - the apex of a long running, Heaven run campaign.


We staffed and managed the ROG shop onsite - smashing client sales targets.


We collaborated with, and built an IKEA designed gaming bedroom, that audiences could stream from onsite.



Goals scored.150



We were tasked with the asset creation and running of Power A social channels.


Heaven Media has achieved an 18% increase in followers since taking over the account in mid-2021.


Each post uses its own link to accurately track clicks and conversions. Combined with our inhouse reporting tool leads to powerful and accurate data insights.

Custom Creations

Heaven Media produces original copy and assets with a personality that keeps content fresh and helps it stand out in an ever-crowded feed.


Organic Social


We created 17% more posts than the previous year. This generated positive growth in organic reach and impressions.

Facebook’s reach increased by 33% with average reach per post increase of 19%.

Twitter saw a 27% increase in engagements YoY, with the highest month generating over 15,000 engagements.


Heaven Media grew Twitter followers by 18.7% and Instagram by 11.9% YoY.

Authentic copy and eye catching assets produced by Heaven Media elevated the launches and giveaways of products through organic channels.


Facebook Reach33%

Twitter Engagement27%


Social Strategy

An authentic social strategy is imperative for a modern brand - we know what resonates with your audience.


Community Management

Talk with your fans, not at them. With a dedicated team of community managers, Heaven is ready to start building great conversations between your community and your brand.

Anyone can write a Tweet. But writing one that encourages the gaming audience to call themselves a part of your community, is a little different.

We know what to say, how to say it, and can build your following into a true community.

As joint gaming and social specialists, we know what to say, how to say it, and can build your following into a true community.

We ensure you’re a unique, accepted, and celebrated part of wider gaming culture.


Social Ideas and Activations

We do more than keep the conversation going. We elevate it.

When working with you, we aim to deliver more than just vanity metrics.

We have a team of dedicated social professionals, who regularly come up with ideas that can help your brand cut through the noise, and grab attention on social media.

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