Shroud Competition

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  • Promote awareness and drive conversations around using the right PC gaming hardware, following Shroud’s conversation last week around hardware and gaming on PUBG throughout a 12 hour livestream.


  • Ensure the content drives conversation around using laptops for gaming.
  • Create engaging content.

What We Delivered:

  • Marathon livestream either featuring Shroud for 12 hours, featuring a gaming SKU giveaway every 15 or 30 minutes.
  • Shroud will explain that the marathon stream is a thank you to their audience for their support, however, the key message being that the streamers want their audience to be gaming on the RIGHT gaming laptops.
  • Chatbot will share a link every 15-minutes to the audience, which will direct them to the product landing page, which will continue to story-tell the Why they need to use Gaming SKU’s. Shroud will frequently strike up discussions in chat to the benefits on why to use a gaming laptop, focusing on frame rates, better cooling, higher fidelity graphics and experience!

Other conversation topics that streamers will cover:

  • Future games (seen at E3) and the likelihood of needing an upgrade before they’re released.
  • Discuss new technologies coming (higher refresh rates, processing power, HDR and 4K gaming).
  • VR story.
  • Conversations will be struck up via social media with announcements around the topic following the stream Video highlights amalgamated into one video for streamers to share afterwards on social channels, sharing game play highlights mixed with their gaming hardware story-telling throughout – estimated 4 minutes long.
  • 1.2 million twitch views in total achieved, with over 72k unique entries in the competition.