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Sponsorships seem easy. Choose a team or tournament, and pay. Choosing the right sponsorships requires the right insights and knowledge to maximise your investment and ensure your brand gets the right amount of coverage for your investment.

When you work with Heaven Media, you’ll be choosing to work with a team that offers decades of experience successfully connecting brands with the perfect sponsorships for their goals and company culture.

Our team of event and sponsorship experts will help you select the right sponsorships, from esports and competitive events to non-endemic events such as charity events, movies, award shows, and more.

When you choose Heaven Media for Sponsorships and Activations we will:

Dedicated Sponsorship Support

When you choose Heaven Media, you receive dedicated support, ensuring that the activations you choose bring the right ROI, and aren’t the last thought in sponsor’s minds.

Expertise Across Events, Teams, and Beyond

Heaven Media is made up of a team of experts in gaming and esports, enabling us to help you select the right sponsorships for your brand. Little risk, no poor choices; just great rewards from the right choices, provided to you by Heaven Media.

More Than Gaming

We’ve worked with brands to go beyond gaming events with their business.
Working across award shows, movie releases and more, Heaven Media can identify where opportunities lie, that you or others may have not yet identified, providing unique value and insights you won’t find anywhere else.

Finding the right sponsorship can be easy, when you work with the team at Heaven Media. Get the results you want.