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Director Mark Reed discusses Heaven Media’s recent work with Alienware and the opportunities within the esports market.

Tell us about your company.

We’re a marketing agency born out of esports. We used to manage leagues, tournaments and community sites, but making it pay and scalable wasn’t easy. This led to a decision three years ago to focus exclusively on building a strong team to supply marketing services in this area to all companies wanting to focus on online gaming and esports.

What successes have you seen recently?

Being the lead agency in Europe for Dell/Alienware marketing has provided us with some great opportunities. With Alienware’s 20th anniversary celebrations (our) social media build-up was followed by competitions, and we created influencer videos and content including unique glimpses behind the scenes from the Alienware founders. It culminated in live events in Paris and London.

What are you currently working on?

We’ve been developing ways of integrating VR into events and esports to make (it) more inclusive. It’s a challenge, as one person can take up to 15 minutes to have the experience., which just isn’t practical given the large audiences developers wish to reach.

What are the biggest trends affecting you right now?

The continued spotlight on esports and online competitive gaming from grass roots upwards is a great opportunity for us to continue to lead. A key pillar for us this year is to clearly define Heaven Media not only as the leading marketing agency in this space but also as the ultimate content creator.

What are you looking forward to over the next 12 months?

2017 is going to be a huge step forward for Heaven Media with the likely opening of offices in both the US and mainland Europe.