UK Events Industry Worth £42.3 Billion

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Events are the launchpad where your business is un-masked to the public bringing together direct brand to consumer contact which is pivotal to establishing brand awareness and loyalty.

The UK events industry alone is worth £42.3 billion and £19.2 billion of that is attributed to exhibitions and trade fairs. (Source: The 2018 Pulse Report – Eventbrite). Multiply this number to include events Worldwide – huge! This demonstrates how seriously companies take investing their marketing budgets in events when choosing where to promote their brands whether it be B2B or B2C.

We understand the demands placed upon marketeers to deliver brand value and whilst events can be costly there is very clear evidence to support that human interactions pose a distinct advantage over digital channels in the quest for brand experiences.

Here at Heaven Media preparations are underway to coordinate the events participation for our client Dell / Alienware at Gamescom 2019. It’s vital to the success of their campaign and testament to their continued use of our services that we never lose sight of their aspirations:

  • Showcase new and existing products to gain more sales
  • Create meaningful experiential interactions with visitors to the booth
  • Increase brand visibility and awareness
  • Strengthen reputation in the industry
  • Gather research from target market and industry experts
  • Gain media exposure

For our clients to capitalise on their investment they rely on us to bring all the elements of their campaign together. We secure prime stand space, we design and deliver booths that have the WOW factor and draw big crowds through the deployment of activations designed to achieve visitor engagement. By giving visitors to the booth a meaningful experience they are more likely to remember the brand with whom they interacted and go on to make a product purchase.

To learn more about how exhibitions can help you achieve a range of marketing objectives please contact us and let us explain how we can help manage your participation.