Unwin Paris Games Week

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  • Amplify the Alienware booth at Paris Games Week and Alienware’s presence at Paris Games Week, by using localised content and brand ambassadors.


  • Ensure the content and brand ambassador is in a local language.
  • Ensure the content and brand ambassador is relevant to Paris Games Week and makes sense to have at the event.
  • Create a buzz around Alienware being at Paris Games Week and engage with as many people as possible.

What We Delivered:

  • Leveraged a brand ambassador and their audience at the Paris Games Week event.
  • Worked with a brand ambassador that knows the products well and has a great audience that is suitable for Paris Games Week.
  • We worked with Unwin, a brand ambassador Alienware had worked with for almost a year who has 1,275,705 YouTube subscribers. He created a big hype at the event. There were queues outside of the Alienware booth with fans wanting to try Alienware products and have a chance to meet Unwin. Attracted in excess of 2,000 people to the booth which was way more than expected.
  • Unwin completed signings and posed for pictures which included the Alienware brand. Each person he greeted on the booth was given an Alienware t-shirt and wristband and one lucky fan each day received a headset and mouse. We observed a high volume of photo uploads as a result across all social channels.
  • Unwin posted videos before and after the event to hype up his audience, promote Alienware products and attract visitors to the booth. The videos generated over 100k views.